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Our Dogs in Foundations

Foundations helping disabled people

Request for a dog-friend, dog-assistant or guide-dog is huge. It is much bigger than amount of trained dogs.
So we are very happy we can help in some way by giving away labrador puppy every year to the certain Foundation.

Below you will find more information (and also pictures) about it.

"Labrador - Guide Dog" Foundation

KEISHA Diamantecane - Labrador Guide Dog (foundation helping blind people)

August 2007
Our little baby KEISHA Diamantecane FCI has passed the psychological test (carried by Ms. Gawlowska from Labrador Guide Dog Foundation) the best and she drove off to Szczecin. She will be living with a foster family up till she's 1 year old. They will help her socialize and learn as much as possible about life.
After that there are waiting more tests, and as soon as she passes them she will be trained by a professional dog trainer to be a guide dog.
Long way ahead KEISHA, but we believe she will manage. Fingers crossed!

"Cane Pro Humano" Foundation

ILIA Diamantecane (called Zoja) - Cane Pro Humano Foundation

September 2006
Our ILIA Diamantecane went off to Bydgoszcz city. After special trainig she will be helping ill and disabled children, because this foundation takes care of dogtherapy.
Ilia, good luck! We keep our fingers crossed!

"Alteri" Foundation

August 2005 - two dog trainers from Alteri Foundation has visited our kennel. They were doing test to our puppies in order to choose the best one for schooling. All puppies were great but the two were especially catching the eye: FUNT (chocolate dog) and FLORES (black bitch).
The first one went with Magda to Alteri Foundation in Cracow, and FLORES drove with Sylwia to Warsaw to Helping Paw Foundation.
We are in touch with them and we follow the training history of our dogs.

FUNT Diamantecane - Alteri Foundation
[foto: archives Alteri]



Fundacja "Pomocna Łapa"

FLORES Diamantecane (called Rumba) - Helping Paw Foundation
[foto: archives Helping Paw]



TV program about our FLORES Diamantecane (called Rumba) >> click here <<

JUNE 2007

Our labrador girl saved the drowning little boy!!

FLORES Diamantecane (called Rumba) is a black bitch we bred and handed over to "Helping Paw" Foundation. Later on, after special training, Flores was given to a sand-blind woman and her blind daughter.
Here is the story that the Foundation Chief told us:

"The 8th of June, 2007, Wanda and her friends from the Handicaped Camp went to the beach to relax. Rumba, after "beind wild and crazy" in the water, was laying down next to her Mom. At some point she suddenly jumped up and started to run towards the sea. Wanda was trying to call her, but the dog didn't listen at all (and that has never happened before). Desperate Wanda thought that she had lost her labrador girl forever...
Rumba went about 60 meters into the sea and nobody at the beach could see her for a while. Then she has appeard again, swimming very slowly towards the shore. When she was close enough everybody noticed that she wasn't alone - she was pushing a little boy in front of her!

Everybody was in shock. The dog was extremely tired, and the boy couldn't say a word. Then he started to cry and told the story about how he was so very weak, couldn't swim and thought he was going to die there in the sea. And that is when the hero-dog saved him. The boy discribed it carefully.

First Rumba was trying to catch his pants, but they were too tight, so she dived and began to push the little boy towards the shore. The boy was calm and felt no fear because, as he said, "I am not afraid of dogs and I really thought that people on the beach sent it to save me." He thought those people could see him, but really nobody at the beach knew that the tragedy was so close...

I still can't believe in what Rumba has done. Trying to understand how she managed to see this boy, how she knew he needed her, there were hundreds of people (especially kids) in the water! Many questions with no answers, but I am so proud of her, even though I have never taught her how to save drowning people. I only taught her how to think (but even that I am not sure, maybe she was born with it). Up till now I only read in books about such stories. Still can't believe in it... "

We are very very proud and happy that we have bred such a wonderful, brave and smart dog!
Rumba, you are the greatest!

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